Wine List

Here at SoBo’s Wine Beerstro we have searched in great length for some of the Best Wines in the World. We put our wines in a Progressive Wine Format, which simply means that in each category our Wines start from Sweet, then go to Dry Light, moving to Dry Medium and then to Dry Full Intensity Flavor profiles. We hope that this helps you navigate through our great Wine List seeking the flavor profile that fits your palette. ENJOY…

Did You Know?

"Thomas Jefferson’s salary was $25,000 per year - a princely sum, but the expenses were also great. In 1801 Jefferson spent $6,500 for provisions and groceries, $2,700 for servants (some of whom were liveried), $500 for Lewis’s salary, and $3,000 for wine."


Grapes and Volume

1 grape cluster = 1 glass
75 grapes = 1 cluster
4 clusters = 1 bottle
40 clusters = 1 vine
1 vine = 10 bottles
1200 clusters = 1 barrel
1 barrel = 60 gallons
60 gallons = 25 cases
30 vines = 1 barrel
400 vines = 1 acre
1 acre = 5 tons
5 tons = 332 cases

Wine IQ

What is the ideal temperature for wine?

Whites: chilled (45-55 degrees F) for a few hours in the refrigerator.

Reds: slightly cooler than room temperature (about 65 degrees); Younger fruity reds benefit from chilling.

Sparkling Wine: thoroughly chilled; refrigerate several hours or the night before serving.

Dessert Wine: room temperature.